Success in Europe!

23 Oct Success in Europe!

We have had a very successful trip to Europe and Scandinavia! Johannes, Akop, Oystein, Kete, Gala, Larry, Christina, the interpreters and the Estonian, Belarusian, Russian and Norwegian teams came together in amazing ways to invite, prepare and lay out a table of excellence for the “East meets West” conference. It was an amazing success and Kevin and I simply had the privilege of speaking before amazing leaders from 21 nations. We were blessed to see the Lord expand our family of ministers to include new evangelists from Norway, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Finland and other lands. As Bishop Soni said, “ I have seen your tribe and it is strong. Now it looks like I’m a member!”


Even as I write this letter, I see how this tribe is expanding into Western Europe and will expand in the USA. Folks, I hear the voice of that prophet from the Philippine Islands in 1989 ringing in my ears, “I will send a great man of God into your lives and he will train you for the end-time harvest.” We see these words coming to pass.


From Norway, we traveled to Switzerland where we met with dozens of missionaries from across Europe. Several were present from Albania, Romania, Slovania, Germany, Switzerland and England. Most of them were pastors but interestingly enough God connected us with the few who were present who were either not American or who are busy winning souls – and of course several progressive pastors – especially the English from Manchester! We look forward to how the Lord will use these new relationships as we continue to minister in Europe!


The knowledge, experience and passion for the nations we have acquired over the last 30 years combined with the experience we have gained in almost 70 nations has positioned this ministry for such a time as this!


You will never know how much we appreciate each one of you and continually pray for you! Thank you for standing with us on this ministry journey! Thank you for standing with us financially and thank you for being a friend!


Right now, your participation and partnership is vital as together we fulfill our Kingdom mission and partnership purpose!

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