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As Leslie’s personal internet representation, this web site showcases the Divinely Inspired Idea’s for Life television programming, all of Leslie’s books, training publications and Women’s materials as well as her ministry itinerary.


Where do you begin if your vision is to reach the largest harvest of souls on the largest continent on the planet, across the 31 countries, 23 republics and 158 language groups of Eurasia?



Welcome! Shores Institute is a new collaborative effort bringing two distinct streams of expertise together and combining over 40 years of real world accomplishments.




Should any child have to beg for food just to survive? Amidst the massive population of India, you can help feed and educate 12,000 needy children every day. This nourishment and tutoring is the key to a better future for each child and for India….READ MORE


As we focus much of our attention on Europe, India, Ukraine and western Russia, we cannot forget the ongoing work in the distant eastern regions of Russia. We’ve received the following important prayer request from one of our evangelists in that area. Tatiana, now a great grandmother, and her team are headed, permits in hand, into a dying region of eastern Russia, a greatly depressed region of vanishing resource, population and hope..READ MORE

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”Yesterday again was a wonderful afternoon and evening in Tent Festival. People turn to Jesus, not only in a tent, but in the villages when we handed out invitations. God continue to heal, inspire and set free. One girl had a leg pain for a week after she fell, and now the pain is gone.…..READ MORE


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Inspiring, encouraging, motivational … each broadcast with Drs. Kevin and Leslie is both thrilling and instructional. They share truths and depths of God’s Word, as well as recounting the many Christian adventures they have encountered during their exciting 25+ year and 60+ nation kingdom-journey!

More than just a travel-log, this broadcast will challenge you with this constant reminder: God wants your life to be an Adventure!

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Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life

What is an inspired idea? Have you ever needed one? Are you looking for a thought that can fuel your future? Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life is all about inspiring your life—and awakening you to believe, expect and achieve your dream! With thought provoking interviews, spiritual insights and creative and practical advice, Leslie will challenge, encourage and motivate you with Inspired Ideas for everyday application.Here at Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life, we believe that ONE DIVINELY INSPIRED IDEA can change your life forever! We are here for you!  Our goal is to provide you with practical tools like the “Live Your Dream” series.  In every television program and throughout our website, you will find downloads, daily blogs and other tools, created to help you discover life-transforming ideas.
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Fresh Water

The present religious systems that fill the earth do not bring life. Religion is unattractive to the world because of its accumulation of rules, practices, and theories that have been added to the purity of God’s record left for us. It’s like the Mississippi River.......

God is NOT Too Busy for You!

Many people view God as living somewhere very far away; a mighty and cruel God who doesn’t care how people live here on earth. Others see Him in a huge office, very busy with a lot of work and absolutely no time for them. They......

Great News From Europe!

Today we share excerpts from a remarkable letter we just received for associate evangelists ministering in the refugee camps of Europe. …The most overwhelming adventure is our visit and ministry to the 7,000 Muslim refugees at the Calais Jungle [a refugee tent-camp just outside Calais,......

Healed From the Inside Out

There was a young man at one of our services who was mentally ill. Because of his illness, he could not speak clearly. It was almost impossible to understand what he was saying. His life was terrible: he lived in the streets, feeding from the......

Jesus Saves! Jesus Heals!

Many years ago, my husband and I went to the Philippines where I preached to a big congregation. I remember how during the sermon the Holy Spirit urged me to repeat again and again, “Jesus saves! Jesus heals! Jesus saves! Jesus heals! Jesus saves! Jesus......

You are a Miracle

September 2016 Matthew 18:20 promises that where two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus —He is there in our midst. When the Word is preached, His presence is preached, and His presence fills the atmosphere around us. In Luke chapter 4......

You Are God’s Voice

September 2016 The Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John yesterday, has now become the Gospel of you today. Christ in human flesh in the Gospels has become Jesus in your flesh today. Much of the modern church would think this is an extreme goal......

“Do Not Touch Them!”

In the early 1990’s when we were pioneering church plants across Russia, we set a goal to launch 5 churches in the now open city of Kazan, which had a long history of being half Muslim and half Orthodox. People were walking away from atheism......

Authority: Use It Or Lose It

I believe there are moments that transform a life.  Your future does not always hinge on the long hours you put into building your present—a new person, new opportunity, or new thought can set you on a dramatic new course. One of those moments occurred......

All Things are Possible!

You can imagine what Jesus was thinking when He said, “I can do only what I see the Father doing. Without the Father working through Me, I am nothing” (John 5:19–20; 14:10). “But the Father works through Me, and I will work through you” (John......

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