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Pathway To Healing

by Dr. Leslie McNulty

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Break Up the Fallow Ground!

That is the strong word we have received from the Lord! This month we are in full preparation for releasing the tent ministry into Europe, conducting monthly prayer summits and on-line training for the Tent100 teams, preparing seminars and books for the Annual Tent 100 Evangelism Conference, conducting set-up trips for tent ministry in Belgium, France, Spain, Poland, Norway, Ukraine and Albania, so that a voice of miracle-life can be heard…READ MORE.

Three Big Mistakes

Can there be a more important decision than the one that determines where we spend eternity? Every other decision seems trivial at best when compared with this one. Yet billions, myself included, have made assumptions about salvation that we would never make about any other......

Do Something!

James says we show our faith by our actions (James 2:18–26). In our great meetings we have seen over and over that it was after a person got up and began to move, talk, see, hear that symptoms of deafness, blindness, and paralyzing weakness left.......


This question can be one of the most informative or one of the most destructive questions we can ask. When it comes to discovery, this question has opened the door to fabulous inventions and modern technologies; however, when it comes to life and death the question “WHY” causes......

For many, God working through them is a dangerous adventure. The question arises, “Will God meet me at the point of my decision? When I step out to help someone in need will I find God ready to move through me? I remember my first public healing encounter. I was having lunch with a business associate and suddenly I heard a scream from the other side of the restaurant. Immediately, I blurted out – I have to pray! I found myself running across the restaurant.


When Jesus comes into a life He brings the world with Him. Suddenly, a person with limited motivation, expectation and imagination starts to dream of doing the impossible. Religion has a way of putting you back into the box called “Average,” but Jesus has a way of keeping you free… READ MORE

Are you a history maker? Has your character been challenged by the obstacles of life? Have you embraced the phrase “never give up”? Yesterday, they said it made history. …Lots of Pro-football firsts and one of the few Super Bowl’s to truly live up to its name! Kevin and I are not typical football fans…


As never before, Europe and Eurasia desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are few places around the world where your contribution can accomplish more in a needier area. Partner with us today as together we reach toward 1 billion souls among the spiritually starved and socially chaotic areas of Europe and Eurasia.