Are You a History Maker?

06 Feb Are You a History Maker?

Are you a history maker? Has your character been challenged by the obstacles of life? Have you embraced the phrase “never give up”?

Yesterday, they said it made history. …Lots of Pro-football firsts and one of the few Super Bowl’s to truly live up to its name! Kevin and I are not typical football fans. We find ourselves tuning into football once or twice a year for key games. Why? Some of the best strategies and some of the greatest thinkers in the game come together for a moment in time where all the pieces must be synchronized perfectly to capture a victory (or overcome an overwhelming deficit) even as millions around the globe watch intently.

You and I stand before a great cloud of witnesses as together we strategically think through the possibilities that are before us in reaching previously scorched regions of the world with the Good News, breaking up the fallow ground through prayer and strategic thinking and planning for the greatest use of our resources so that the most captivating victories in history may be achieved.

Today, Europe’s spiritually barren, scorched-earth stands before us as never before. Truly, it is HARVEST TIME! Let’s make history for the Kingdom!

As our Tent100 Project expands across Europe, thank you for participating today.



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