What if we could…

–         Take the methods and tools God has entrusted to Christian Adventures International for the past 20 years and establish across America a project that is both marketplace profitable and mission-minded, training both entrepreneurs and faith-filled believers?

–         Construct a project whose goal is to create and replicate a tent-business-mission model across America and beyond?

–         Establish a business venture that is not only profitable, but is a working laboratory for both spiritual and business training as well as community development and enrichment?

We have. Christian Adventures is launching a new tent-ministry mission in the USA that will establish a sustainable mission model for outreach, financial support and community transformation. This venture combines the best of what we have learned in launching the Eurasian 100 Tent Project with the best of small business entrepreneurial skill creating a new breed of “Modern Day Missionaries” (MDM). This new model unites the forces of daytime marketplace evangelism with evening discipling as well as training missionary evangelism leaders. This vision differs from our more traditional tent methodology but integrates missions, sound business practices, and economic development, all of which will transform businesses, lives and nations. Through “Marketplace Ministry Tents” we can equip young people with a model of sustainable marketplace ministry where their profits and skills will not only benefit themselves but other families and communities. These tents will provide a business service, creating wealth to give back not only to the community in which they live but to send others.

“Let us go somewhere else–to the nearby villages–so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” Jesus — Mark 1:38

…Stay tuned!