You Are A Woman Of Miraculous Destiny!

Have you ever asked the question, “Who am I? What is my purpose in life?” Are you lacking opportunity, self-esteem and identity? 
Discover with Dr. Leslie McNulty the wonderful banquet of knowledge about God’s perspective of true equality, and the glorious dignity He offers each and every individual. Throughout the centuries, great thought leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and others have opened windows of opportunity for the marginalized. Leslie’s thought provoking materials reveal a unique perspective from the great Teacher, Jesus, Whose objective was not just for the benefit of men, but to bring women an understanding of personal dignity, destiny, respect and purpose. We believe that regardless of your gender, within the pages of this website, you will find pathways to new opportunity and new self-esteem.

Through each and every woman, the expression of Christ is absolutely unlimited.


Each woman is divinely and beautifully designed in the image of her Creator to feel as He feels, to see as He sees, to discover potential even as Christ for God’s sake has given us access to discover all that is available, to everyone who trusts on his name.


The “UNLIMITED” conference provides women the opportunity to discover their potential in life. Religion demeans the inherent value God has placed on women but relationship with Him brings confidence and access to an eternal fount of creativity and possibility.


Woman UNLIMITED: provides social, economic and spiritual solutions to overcome cultural, societal and religious norms that are barring access to discovery.


The “Unlimited” program is a straightforward 3-day conference meant to empower women in self-esteem, dream realization and faith in God. This public seminar provides a pathway to personal discovery and faith in God.

WOMAN UNLIMITED:  Jesus’ revolutionary treatment of women opens the door for possibility thinking!

WOMEN’S HALL OF FAME:  We will look at the genealogy of Christ and how God can take a seemingly invaluable life and change the destiny of a family, tribe and nation!

WOMEN OF THE HARVEST Four Biblical and Four Modern Day Examples of Women who have made a difference in their generation.

WOMAN & SELF-ESTEEM – Overcoming 10 Objections to Positive Self-Esteem

LIVE YOUR DREAM! Ladies, why wait for someone else to give your permission to dream when the granter of dreams lives within you. Discover practical tools to unleash your dream today!

Lakshmi Vungarala: Identity part 1

Lakshmi Vungarala: Identity part 2

Olga Kozorez

Tatiana Krasikova

Women Of Miraculous Destiny: Japan

Women Of Miraculous Destiny: Kazakhstan

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