The Answer to Your Need is in Your Seed

18 Jan The Answer to Your Need is in Your Seed

The natural world reflects the spiritual world. In nature we see all things working on the seed principle. What is that? Everything makes progress.

Every time we conduct a crusade meeting people will come with their tumors and heart disease. They come on crutches and in wheel chairs wanting an instant miracle and making the preacher out to be a magician, but we are not magicians. We are farmers with good seed and the heart of people is our soil.

Don’t blame the farmer if the seed doesn’t give an instant crop, and don’t blame the seed if it is good seed just taking time to produce. The problem is usually in the type of soil the seed is in. If you just keep the seed in the soil it will grow. Seeds always want to progress.

God has given us “Word seed” for every need if we will just let the seed do its work in our heart, and expect that it is working whether we see results today or not.

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