Internationally acclaimed public speaker, author, certified John Maxwell coach and TV host of DIVINELY INSPIRED IDEAS FOR LIFE, Dr. Leslie McNulty is a global strategist and teacher.

As a global communicator, she is known for her simple and passionate message. Dr. Leslie McNulty has addressed crowds of 5,000 to 250,000 and has won acclaim as one of the emerging international women’s voices of our time. Cofounder of Christian Adventures International, with offices in the U.S., Russia and India, and pioneer of the Eurasian 100-Tent Project, she regularly conducts national leadership conferences entitled “Women of Miraculous Destiny.” Along with her husband, Kevin, she served for 16 years as co-minister and Global Event Director for the late Missionary Statesman Dr. T. L. Osborn.

Dr. McNulty was catapulted into a drastically different phase of life in 1988, when her career changed from a bank manager and commercial loan officer in Florida to worldwide public figure. Through 10 years of experience living in Russia establishing churches, Bible schools and training missionaries, combined with experience in over 60 nations, she has developed a unique, intense perspective for today’s global environment. She holds a degree in Finance from Stetson University, a bachelor’s degree in Church Administration, a master’s degree in Theology from Life Christian University and a conferred doctorate.

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Global communicator, International business entrepreneur, author, pastor, teacher and diplomat of Christ to presidents and national churches, Dr. McNulty and his wife, Leslie, are co-founders of Christian Adventures International with offices in the U.S., Russia and India, and pioneers of the Eurasian 100-Tent Project.

Dr. McNulty has addressed millions in audiences as great as 250,000 spanning more than 30 years. He shared the platform as an associate minister and Global Events Director with the late Missionary Statesman Dr. T. L. Osborn, coordinated Dr. Osborn’s international events for 16 years. Dr. McNulty has served in various ministry capacities as Pastor, Associate, Missionary and Bible School Teacher. His 10 years of experience living in Russia planting churches, Bible schools and training missionaries, combined with ministry experience in more than 60 nations, provides him a unique, intense perspective for today’s global environment. Dr. McNulty earned a doctorate and master’s degree from Life Christian University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University, where he was captain of the Big 10 varsity tennis team.

Blazing a trail with T.L. Osborn

  • T.L. Osborn (1923 – 2013)Spanning seven decades of ministry in 90 nations and to audiences reaching 250,000, Dr. TL Osborn blazed a trail and charted a new course for global missionary evangelism. A prolific writer, he freely distributed an estimated 16 tons of books and missionary evangelism training literature translated into over 80 languages. His ministry supported over 30,000 national missionaries into unevangelized tribes and villages establishing over 150,000 self-supporting churches.  Today and for the past half-century, the great voices of global outreach have followed many of the strategies and methods pioneered by Dr. TL.


We were privileged to provide some of his closest support after the home-going of his dear Daisy and during the last 16 years of his international travel and ministry. As his right hand and as international outreach directors and co-ministers through countless events and dozens of nations, we enjoyed the treasured honor of spiritual and personal mentorship by one of the giants of God’s kingdom from recent centuries.

He constantly fueled our ongoing pursuit and chronical of Christian Adventures!

Reaching ONE BILLION SOULS with the love of God through:


Sowing the good seed of God’s Word through the internet, television and radio.


Spanning Europe and Eurasia, bringing the Good News of redemption and healing through Jesus Christ to local communities, large and small.


Training and commissioning the next generation of Eurasian evangelists and Ministry leaders.

To give people a living witness of Jesus Christ with signs following.

Passion for what we do

Integrity in how we do it

Respect for our partners regardless of race or gender

Excellence in communication

Power in demonstration

Pride in Innovation

Reaching SOULS with the Love of God through Mass Media, Mass Outreach and Mass Discipleship.

Demonstrating Modern Day SIGNS through the Communication of Simple Gospel Truths.

Experiencing Personal SUCCESS Spirit, Soul and Body through Training Schools and Conferences.

Creating Lasting SIGNIFICANCE for Future Generations by Releasing Modern Day Apostles.


What started with one tent and a vision for 100, has today become over 75 active tents and evangelist teams as we pursue the challenge of reaching 1 Billion Souls across Europe and Eurasia.


Imagine touching and influencing 12,000 children every day. This showcases an extraordinary after-school tutoring and feeding program, a life-line to the children of India. This remarkable outreach provides a warm meal, a Bible verse and tutoring that helps establish a firm spiritual foundation in the formative years. Impacting more than just these hungry children, whole families are being strengthened and encouraged through the “5 Loaves-2 Fishes” program!


Whether through technology, or direct ministry, God has afforded a vast array of tools and opportunities for touching the farthest reaches of the globe with the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. The call remains to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of the earth!


Great challenges (whether for 1 billion souls, 100 tents and teams, or tackling the desperate spiritual bleakness of Europe and India) are launched with Initiatives that identify a core need and solution. Strategic Initiatives such as launching a new tent factory or the 5 Loaves, 2 Fish Feeding and Training Program are a vital part of the overall vision.


The blessing of technology can reach a computer or television screen a hemisphere away and the benefit of one changed life witnessing to another hungry heart across a table or fence is immeasurable. However, mass outreach can impact regions where laborers are few and technology limited. Mass crusades can truly change the course of a nation and transform a city, a society or culture.


Today, the mediums of television and the internet offer an immediate tool by which whole to access the living rooms of an entire culture. What a remarkable window of opportunity these tools provide for reaching the 1.3 billion souls of India.


Isaiah 54:2-3 says: 

“Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!
Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. You’re going to need lots of
elbow room for your growing family; you’re going to resettle abandoned cities.”

Where do you begin if your vision is to reach the largest harvest of souls on the largest continent on the planet, across the 31 countries, 23 republics and 158 language groups of Eurasia? Is such an enormous project and challenge even possible? There are well over 300,000 villages across Eurasia that have yet to hear a gospel message about experiencing true life through Jesus Christ.
16 years ago, the 100Tent project was an inspired idea offering a solution to this massive task. What began as an idea to purchase, fully equip and staff one tent – a mobile church – has today touched thousands of lives.
Today, with tent factories in both Russia and Ukraine more than 70 mobile mission facilities have been launched, each fully-manned and equipped. As scores of evangelistic tent teams crisscross the nations and people-groups of Eurasia, each represents a significant endeavor with tent capacities from 200 to 5000. Every individual mission requires an advanced team, technical team and ministry team as well as transportation for tent, sound systems and all support equipment.
The vision continues – 100 fully equipped tents and 100 evangelism teams fully trained for mobile, mass outreach and church planting.


Have you ever had to beg for food just to survive? In the country of India, there are thousands of needy children in need. But there is hope, and that hope is you. Welcome to the Five Loaves & Two fish program. In this program, in a small village by the name of Uppalapadu, we feed children a meal everyday after school, and teach them the bible. In this after school program, children are being fed and educated, and we would like you to join us, help this program so that it may grow across India where even perhaps hunger for children may be eradicated, and in that hope, we need you.


Europe is in need of aid, they have been stricken by the forces of terrorism and injustice of the world and they need all the help they can get. Churches are being closed and more mosques are being opened than ever. Poverty rises everyday and refugees are spanning all across Europe, looking for salvation. Christian Adventures wants to see all this suffering end, and we can do it! We have teams being trained and tents are being raised brining hope, health, and healing through the ash and smoke of war and terrorism, click below if you would like to get involved.


Whether it be television or radio, we are working hard to bring you spiritual insights to helping YOU. Tune in to Leslie McNulty TV or Cristian Adventures Radio today!

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As never before, Europe and Eurasia desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are few places around the world where your contribution can accomplish more in a needier area. Partner with us today as together we reach toward 1 billion souls among the spiritually starved and socially chaotic areas of Europe and Eurasia.