It’s an exciting time of year – a time of decorations, baking, lights, and of course, Christmas gifts!

There is another very special aspect of this season – it’s what the angels said, Behold, unto you a Savior is born. Good will towards all of mankind. Christmas is indeed a miracle. When Kevin was a young boy, his father passed away, leaving eight children. For the grieving family, it looked as if there would be no gifts for Christmas that year. On Christmas morning, however, as the family awoke not expecting any gifts at all, they found on the front porch a giant box of presents for all eight children. It was truly a miracle Christmas for all.

Today, the greatest miracle gift of all is Jesus. May He be at the very center of your Christmas. May He be the focus of all and may you realize how meaningful your gift to the nations has been.

This past year has been a journey across 15 nations laying the groundwork for the exploding European project, initiating the Tent Bus Project and dedicating a tent to Belgium bringing total tents to 91 with 60 built in our own factory. In 2018, we believe we will celebrate completion of the Tent 100 Project – Phase 1. On this foundation we will launch the USA Tent Project preparing 50 Tents and 50 Evangelists for all 50 States!

We celebrate the Savior of the world being born and the wonderful opportunity to take Christ to the world. As we contemplate how to pray for you in the New Year, we thank you for standing with us in prayer and remembering that you can easily continue to give online and text your donations!

…And so from our hearts to yours, we send our warmest greetings!


Leslie, Kevin and the Christian Adventures Team

Don’t forget to complete 2017

giving by December 31st!

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