Reaching ONE BILLION SOULS with the love of God through:

Isaiah 54:2-3 says:

“Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. You’re going to need lots of elbow room for your growing family; you’re going to resettle abandoned cities.”

Where do you begin if your vision is to reach the largest harvest of souls on the largest continent on the planet, across the 31 countries, 23 republics and 158 language groups of Eurasia? Is such an enormous project and challenge even possible? There are well over 300,000 villages across Eurasia that have yet to hear a gospel message about experiencing true life through Jesus Christ.

16 years ago, the 100Tent project was an inspired idea offering a solution to this massive task. What began as an idea to purchase, fully equip and staff one tent – a mobile church – has today touched thousands of lives.

Today, with tent factories in both Russia and Ukraine more than 70 mobile mission facilities have been launched, each fully-manned and equipped. As scores of evangelistic tent teams crisscross the nations and people-groups of Eurasia, each represents a significant endeavor with tent capacities from 200 to 5000. Every individual mission requires an advanced team, technical team and ministry team as well as transportation for tent, sound systems and all support equipment.

The vision continues – 100 fully equipped tents and 100 evangelism teams fully trained for mobile, mass outreach and church planting.

The Adventure Expands

Europe is in need of aid, they have been stricken by the forces of terrorism and injustice of the world and they need all the help they can get. Churches are being closed and more mosques are being opened than ever. Poverty rises everyday and refugees are spanning all across Europe, looking for salvation. Christian Adventures wants to see all this suffering end, and we can do it! We have teams being trained and tents are being raised brining hope, health, and healing through the ash and smoke of war and terrorism, click below if you would like to get involved.

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The blessing of technology can reach a computer or television screen a hemisphere away and the benefit of one changed life witnessing to another hungry heart across a table or fence is immeasurable. However, mass outreach can impact regions where laborers are few and technology limited. Mass crusades can truly change the course of a nation and transform a city, a society or culture.

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In the Chaos of war, life and homes are lost. Christian Adventures is hard at work trying to bring help, and healing to these war torn villages.

Friends, the challenges are great to plant the seed of life in a war torn society with a rapidly growing poverty rate. Jesus wants to show Himself alive to them and the launch has begun! Join us, stand with us as we use the tools we have to again raise the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ across Europe!

Your partnership is vital to this endeavor. Together we can do it!

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As never before, Europe and Eurasia desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are few places around the world where your contribution can accomplish more in a needier area. Partner with us today as together we reach toward 1 billion souls among the spiritually starved and socially chaotic areas of Europe and Eurasia.

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