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Whether it be television or radio, we are working hard to bring you spiritual insights to helping YOU. Tune in to Leslie McNulty TV or Cristian Adventures Radio today!

What is an inspired idea? Have you ever needed one? Are you looking for a thought that can fuel your future? Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life is all about inspiring your life—and awakening you to believe, expect and achieve your dream! With thought provoking interviews, spiritual insights and creative and practical advice, Leslie will challenge, encourage and motivate you with Inspired Ideas for everyday application.Here at Divinely Inspired Ideas for Life, we believe that ONE DIVINELY INSPIRED IDEA can change your life forever! We are here for you!  Our goal is to provide you with practical tools like the “Live Your Dream” series.  In every television program and throughout our website, you will find downloads, daily blogs and other tools, created to help you discover life-transforming ideas.

Inspiring, encouraging, motivational …

each broadcast with Drs. Kevin and Leslie is both thrilling and instructional. They share truths and depths of God’s Word, as well as recounting the many Christian adventures they have encountered during their exciting 25+ year and 60+ nation kingdom-journey!

More than just a travel-log, this broadcast will challenge you with this constant reminder: God wants your life to be an Adventure!

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Discover Your Pathway to Healing!
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