Reaching ONE BILLION SOULS with the love of God through:

Whether through technology, or direct ministry, God has afforded a vast array of tools and opportunities for touching the farthest reaches of the globe with the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that we may train more upcoming evangelists to preach and act on his word in the farthest corners of the earth.

Who are you? What is your identity? Are you lacking DESTINY, SELF-ESTEEM, IDENTITY, BIBLICAL EQUALITY and TRUE PRIORITY?

Discover with Dr. Leslie McNulty the wonderful banquet of knowledge about God’s perspective of true equality and the glorious dignity we each find in Christ. Jesus objective was not just for the benefit of men, but to bring women personal dignity, destiny, respect and purpose. Discover that path within these resources and web pages.


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The Shores Institute School of Evangelism  has grown out of Christian Adventures’ extensive training efforts begun in 1998 to train missionary evangelists and teams for the Eurasian 100 Tent Project.  These training efforts are now referred to as Global Outlook, or GO-U.

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As never before, Europe and Eurasia desperately need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are few places around the world where your contribution can accomplish more in a needier area. Partner with us today as together we reach toward 1 billion souls among the spiritually starved and socially chaotic areas of Europe and Eurasia.