T.L. Osborn (1923 – 2013). Spanning seven decades of ministry in 90 nations and to audiences reaching 250,000, Dr. TL Osborn blazed a trail and charted a new course for global missionary evangelism. A prolific writer, he freely distributed an estimated 16 tons of books and missionary evangelism training literature translated into over 80 languages. His ministry supported over 30,000 national missionaries into unevangelized tribes and villages establishing over 150,000 self-supporting churches.  Today and for the past half-century, the great voices of global outreach have followed many of the strategies and methods pioneered by Dr. TL.

We were privileged to provide some of his closest support after the home-going of his dear Daisy and during the last 16 years of his international travel and ministry. As his right hand and as international outreach directors and co-ministers through countless events and dozens of nations, we enjoyed the treasured honor of spiritual and personal mentorship by one of the giants of God’s kingdom from recent centuries.

He constantly fueled our ongoing pursuit and chronical of Christian Adventures!

Drs. Kevin and Leslie are a remarkable couple with 30 years of miracle ministry in many nations, with great crowds. They are seasoned in Miracle Evangelism, and are talented in ministering to crowds of people. They have directed my National Miracle Seminars and Public Festivals for several years in many nations and every event has been triumphant.

- T.L. Osborn
OSBORN Ministries Int'l

I am deeply grateful to the McNultys for being such a significant part of ministering with me for several years. Our relationship has truly been confirmed by the hand of God.

- T.L. Osborn
OSBORN Ministries Int'l

Powerful 2004 TBN Interview Between Kevin McNulty and Dr. T.L. Osborn

“You are a great example of a married couple espousing the truths of Redemption and of Equality.”
- T.L. Osborn
“YOU ARE TOUGH …and God needs tough people like Paul and Peter, Priscilla and Acquilla – like Amie McPherson and Marie Woodworth Etter, and T.L. and Daisy Osborn. YOU TWO CAN DO IT!”
- T.L. Osborn

T.L. Osborn Interview about the 100 Tent Project

T.L. Osborn on Kevin and Leslie McNulty

Apostolic letter of encouragement about the tent ministry written by Dr. T.L Osborn to Drs. Kevin and Leslie

(August 29, 1997).

Letter written by Dr. TL Osborn to pastors and leaders endorsing the ministry of Drs. Kevin and Leslie.

(November, 8-2007)