Don’t Stop Singing!

30 Jan Don’t Stop Singing!

Always keep your song even when all looks lost.

The loss of expectation is a tragic path to walk down. It makes the days seem so long and your purpose so empty. If the devil can’t steal your soul He will try to steal your song.

For example, in World War II a Nazi submarine blew up a passenger ship.  The ship went down in the freezing water and many life boats were launched. Among the life boats was one with 12 women inside.  After floating many hours in dense fog and ice water with no one coming to save them, the people in the boats gave up hope.

However, one woman of the twelve in her boat lifted up her voice and began to sing. She kept singing all night long in the dark and silent fog. Her voice was finally heard which led a rescue team to the raft. All the other boats were lost. Don’t lose your song in the dark!

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