From No Hope to New Life

29 Jan From No Hope to New Life

Jesus sees the hidden potential in people. We have seen thousands of people find their dignity again.

One of the most amazing was an institutional drunk in Chernovtsy, Ukraine who wandered into our tent looking for a drink. He thought the tent was a bar and He stayed long enough to hear the message, which then gripped his heart with a glimmer of hope. He made the decision to follow Christ and something changed in him.

He went back to the hospital and told his four friends of the power he experienced in the tent. They all came the next night and received a powerful new birth. These men were all institutional drunks with no hope from society.

We desperately needed ushers because 3,000 people showed up and all we had were 3 ushers. When the born again drunks showed up I put them to work as ushers. At the institute they were given daily rations of alcohol, but they didn’t want to drink anymore and the doctors were confused. They had never seen an institutional alcoholic go free, so they kept pressing them for their secret. Sasha explained to the doctors that they heard the Americans preach and Jesus had set them free.

The doctors wouldn’t receive their testimony and instead started a rumor that the Americans had put chips in the inmates, and that we were controlling the drunks with “new technology.” Well, we DID use something new…the NEW LIFE from heaven!

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