The Hour is URGENT across EUROPE.


The religious landscape of Europe is rapidly changing. As a continent formerly referred to as “Christendom”, Europe is experiencing a rapid change in religious diversity. The two fastest growing religions in Europe are secularism (no religious affiliation, agnosticism, atheism) and Islam.

We see the increasing loss of Christian churches across Europe and think, “What can we do?” In Britain, there are 4 times more Muslims attending mosque than Anglicans attending church on Sunday. In Germany, there are 31% atheists, compared to 3% in America.



Yet, we hear the sound of a mighty army approaching Europe with Good News. These are not foot soldiers of death but they are soldiers of the cross carrying hope and healing to millions. Destiny is being fulfilled as we see two aspects of our soul-winning ministry dove-tailing in Europe.

Want to get involved?

The 100 Tent Project is gathering strength as Russian and European leaders come together to strategically plan for Gospel Outreaches.

African leaders who answered the call to Europe in the Miracle Life Events we conducted with TL Osborn across French Africa are arising across Europe!  We are strategizing with these leaders now In Europe.

Only God could have seen the value of bringing the French African and Russian speaking preachers to Europe for such a time as this! Partners this is the next phase of the “All-Out” global awakening that Hudson Taylor prophesied! Together we are history-makers!

Several years ago while standing in an ancient European city the Lord whispered to us, “I can win Europe through tent festivals in these small European villages.”

Today, we are uniting evangelists from Russian, Ukrainian, Africa and from across Europe. There is a great diaspora of Russian speaking people across Europe. Our strategy is to ignite the Russian speaking world to reach Europe with the Gospel! Look out world, the Russians are coming!

One might think…. Russia? Yes! They come carrying the cross of Christ ready to empower millions of believers!


Friends, the challenges are great to plant the seed of life in a secular society with a rapidly growing Muslim population. Jesus wants to show Himself alive to them and the launch has begun! Join us, stand with us as we use the tools we have to again raise the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ across Europe!

Your partnership is vital to this endeavor. Together we can do it!


This Kingdom investment provides for the purchase of all related materials such as vinyl, framing, poles, ropes … as well as the factory assembly of all components and panels of the tent structure itself. This price provides a finished, high-quality manufactured tent, ready for shipment to its first ministry tent-site and its first great Christian Adventure!

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30-7  5 Loaves 2 Fish program in India-ed

Across the many nations of Europe and Eurasia presently being reached, the Eurasian tent evangelistic events are often coordinated around humanitarian outreach promotions, with special emphasis on confronting the conflict in war-torn regions whenever possible. These outreaches provide food, clothing items, and/or medical supplies as we attract needy hearts to the Gospel message and supply both physical and spiritual relief.

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4 Misak with Kevin

From over 2 decades of ministry across 60 nations and before hundreds of thousands of faces, we have identified many unique training methods and tools for equipping young evangelists. As the harvest is vast and the hour is near, it is vital that each evangelist and every ministry voice be well-trained and proficient regarding mass evangelism and tent ministry as well as the global vision to transform nations.

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1 Kevin-preach

In a Training Intensive, we bring together a collective of evangelists and ministry students and immerse them in intensive training for 2 to 3 weeks. These hours of concentrated spiritual download provide the firm foundation from which nations can be brought to Christ.

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As we expand the scope of the Tent100 project westward across Europe, there is a growing need to build and supply tents within Europe to avoid many logistical and political challenges that long-distance shipping presents. We presently need to secure a facility and purchase the equipment needed to further establish our Europe base. The primary factory instrument is the welder, along with an assortment of other vital specialty tools, designed uniquely for a tent-making process.

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Release 20 new evangelists in the next 12 months! How will we do this?

Phase 1:
practical training in a tent event.

Phase 2:
daily classroom training.

Phase 3:
apprenticeship in a senior evangelist’s tent.

100 Tent Evangelists from Belarus, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia utilize these training methods gleaned from our global
evangelism events! The time is short! Our factory is able to produce tents! The harvest is great but the laborers are few! THANK YOU FOR SENDING US to train the next 20 evangelists! We are trusting God for $50,000 for this next 2 intensives. Each gift counts!

We are trusting God for $2,500 to train each evangelist during the next intensive outreach. Discussions are underway for the next training to take place in Poland or France. Every $25, $50, or $100 gift counts!

Today we share excerpts from a remarkable letter we just received for associate evangelists ministering in the refugee camps of Europe.

…The most overwhelming adventure is our visit and ministry to the 7,000 Muslim refugees at the Calais Jungle [a refugee tent-camp just outside Calais, France, labeled The Jungle]. It has been a humbling and a wonderful experience. The need here is astronomically huge and the challenges are multi-faced, but the joy of having unprecedented and unparalleled opportunities to minister and be a hope for these people is very rewarding. It’s life changing. 

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